Light curve modeling papers

Bibcode First Author Year Title ADS Link Stars
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2018NewA...63...61U Ulaş, B. 2018 First multicolor photometry of 1SWASP J130111.22+420214.0 and 1SWASP J231839.72+352848.2 1
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2018NewA...62...41K Kjurkchieva, Diana P. 2018 Observations and light curve solutions of three ultrashort-period W UMa binaries 2
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2018NewA...61....1K Kriwattanawong, W. 2018 A photometric analysis of the neglected EW-type binary V336 TrA 1
2018NewA...59....8S Shokry, A. 2018 Photometric study of two eclipsing binary stars: Light curve analysis and system parameters for GU CMa and SWASP J011732.10+525204.9 1
2018NewA...58...90B Bulut, İ. 2018 Light curve analysis of a new W UMa system GSC 3581-1856 1
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2018IBVS.6256....1A Alton, K. B. 2018 Period Analysis, Roche Modeling and Absolute Parameters for AU Ser, an Overcontact Binary System 1
2018Ap&SS.363...34S Selam, S. O. 2018 A simultaneous spectroscopic and photometric study of two eclipsing binaries: V566 Oph and V972 Her 2
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