Light curve modeling papers

Bibcode First Author Year Title ADS Link Stars
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2019PASP..131h4202L Liu, Junhui 2019 An Optical and X-Ray Study of the Contact Binary, BH Cassiopeia 1
2019PASP..131e4203C Caton, Daniel 2019 BVRCIC Observations, Analysis, and Spectra of The Most Extreme Mass Ratio (Totally Eclipsing) W UMa Binary, V1187 Herculis 1
2019PASJ...71...81S Sarotsakulchai, Thawicharat 2019 YZ Phoenicis: a very short period K-type contact binary with variation of the O'Connell effect and orbital period change 1
2019PASJ...71...39Z Zhou, Xiao 2019 The W-subtype active contact binary PZ UMa with a possible more massive tertiary component 1
2019PASJ...71...34S Sarotsakulchai, Thawicharat 2019 RW Doradus: A solar-type shallow contact binary with a new orbital period investigation 1
2019NewA...71...25O Ostadnezhad, S. 2019 New BVR photometric observations and light curve analysis of eclipsing binary V700 Cyg 1
2019NewA...69...21E El-Sadek, M. A. 2019 A photometric study of two recently discovered, contact binaries-II: UCAC4 479-113658 and UCAC4 479-113711 2
2019NewA...68...20K Kjurkchieva, Diana P. 2019 PY Boo and NSVS 7328383: Two totally-eclipsing W UMa stars with small mass ratios and close parameters 2
2019NewA...66...68Z Zubairi, Ahmed Waqas 2019 Photometric study of contact binary star MW And 1
2019NewA...66...14H Han, Quan-wang 2019 A photometric study of the contact binary AR Bootis 1
2019MNRAS.489.4760Z Zhou, X. 2019 V752 Cen - a triple-lined spectroscopic contact binary with sudden and continuous period changes 1
2019MNRAS.489.2677Z Zhu, L. -Y. 2019 V1005 Her: a solar-type shallow-contact binary in a triply fossil system 1
2019MNRAS.487.5520L Long, Liu 2019 Spectroscopic and photometric studies of four W UMa-type eclipsing binaries 4
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